Saturday, February 2, 2008

Laurie G. - Dominican Republic - Punta Cana

One of the nicest beaches in the Caribbean and some of the kindest people are found in the Domican Republic. The beach is huge so you can walk for close to an hour in either direction. Great exercise, people watching, and opportunity to survey the other resorts. One really nice feature is that resorts do not exceed the height of the beach palms so your view is water on one side and palms on the other. You feel like you are on an undeveloped beach despite the fact that there are so many great hotels all along the beach.

There is an old barge wreck just off shore which makes for a nice backdrop for taking pictures or providing a destination for taking a sailboat ride. And is the wind picks up, the waves crashing the barge can be amazing to watch from the comfort of your beach chair.

My favorite resorts are the Riu chain, with the Riu Palace Punta Cana at the top of my list. The food, the grounds, the lobby, the staff, the rooms are all first rate yet still well priced.

The swimming pools are beautiful and have great views of the main grounds of the resort. There is even an infinity pool to finish off the day watching the sunset. The beach faces east so sundown on the beach isn't fully sundown at the pool. Of course the pool swim up bar! Friendly people and beautiful locale make Puta Cana the perfect spot for a relaxing vacation. Toss a bunch of Malibu Strings bikinis in your bag and get going! See you there.

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