Friday, July 11, 2008

Deborah - Negril, Jamaica

Deborah – Negril, Jamaica.

We always love beach vacations and there are a lot of great places we’ve enjoyed visiting, but there’s always just something special about Jamaica. As soon as you step off the airplane and get a deep breath of the warm humid air, you know you are back. We tend to stay in Negril which is such a beautiful destination, with Hedonism 2 being one of our favorite resorts.

We’ve been to other resorts in Negril. For sure the Grand Lido in Negril is an absolutely beautiful place, with outstanding food and room service. We went there on our first trip to Jamaica when we got married and it was such a lovely place. Hedo 2 on the other hand has decent rooms although they are nothing to brag about. The food there is fine, with some nights being really good. The resort in general is a little older and will never be as pretty or nice as some of the surrounding resorts. But, with all that said…a stay at Hedo 2 will easily be the best vacation you’ve ever taken.

The resort really is what it is due to the great people who work there and especially the guest who visit. It’s a place where you can really have all extremes. There will be massive water fights around the pool, to naked waterslide runs, to plenty of chances for nice romantic walks and time alone. But no matter what, it always has a warming sensual charge to the resort and everything that goes on there.

We enjoy our walks along the beach, and take them in the mornings and also many times before sunset prior to dinner. Those walks are some the times we capture a few of the photos which we’ve been lucky enough to have posted on the Malibu Strings pages.

The ‘ECs’, which are the entertainment coordinators, always keep things moving with tons of activities and games of all sorts. We enjoy a lot of these, especially sand volleyball. Granted with a few too many drinks, it may not be Olympic caliber by any means…but when you’re drunk enough it looks like it to you.

We also enjoy sailing the small Hobie cats as well as snorkeling as much as we can. It’s also a lot of fun to take one of the bigger catamaran rides around the some of the island which is also another chance to capture some great photos.

The evenings are always fun with a lot of things going on. This is also a wonderful time to dawn those eloquent and risqué dresses. I love the chance to dress up and wear a number of my outfits and dresses from 1 Sexy Night and Hedo 2 is such a wonderful venue for that.

All in all, Negril is a wonderful place to visit no matter the resort you choose. But, if you are truly looking for a place to wear your “swimsuits for the uninhibited” Hedo 2 is the place for you.

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