Friday, December 21, 2007

Natasha - Caneel Bay Resort on St.John

A trip to the US Virgin Islands would not be complete without a visit to the Caneel Bay Resort on St.John. And where better to show off sexy Malibu Strings bikinis?

The property offers 7 beautiful beaches, each offering a different view of the Caribbean Sea and soft white sand to work on a beautiful tan. Some have a rugged coastline that you have to hike down to and a couple of the beaches are right outside your room! Don't be surprised if a herd of wild donkeys or deer decide to follow you around the 170 acres of national park which surround the property. These animals are tame and very beautiful to look at, though the resort does ask that you do not feed them.

Don't pass up an elegant dinner at the Turtle Bay Estate House on the property. The restaurant offers a very romantic atmosphere with panoramic views of the waters around St.John. I do remember that a jacket was required

for my husband, and a summer dress and sandals was all I needed. Just remember they do run the air conditioning inside so it can get a little cool.

For a more casual dinner try the Equator Restaurant on top of an old sugar mill. It's outdoor dining with another amazing view of the sea. Even though it's casual, they still offer a complete bar and wine list..what's dinner without and amazing bottle of wine? It was our favorite restaurant on the property.

For breakfast we were at the Caneel Beach Terrace..actually, that's not true. We were right next door at the at the Breezeway Bar getting the day started right with Devon's special Bloody Mary's! They actually sold the special hot sauce at the gift shop. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of it because it was taken from me at the airport...don't forget you can no longer take over 3 ounces of liquid in a carry on bag! Oh well, just another reason to go back to St. John!

The property also offered day trips over to St. Thomas for shopping, and a trip to their sister property Little Dix Bay on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. Lucky for us, we spent another 3 nights there. But I'll save that story for another day.

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