Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Katherine - Cancun, Mexico

Paradise. So many people go to great lengths to find the perfect vacation spot, and in the search for that perfect spot, many often make the mistaken of overlooking one of the hottest scenes to be found in the northern hemisphere…a place none other than Cancun, Mexico. Last year, I went on my first trip to Mexico, and absolutely fell in love with the Cabo San Lucas and Cabo San Jose areas. For this year's summer vacation, I wanted to see more of Mexico, and the choice was simple. Where can I find a vacation destination which offers private beach areas, allows me to lower my inhibitions, and most importantly of all, gives me the freedom to parade around in my new Malibu Strings bikini? The answer sprang to my mind almost instantly, Cancun! I arrived in Cancun rather late in the evening (thanks for the flight delay Continental) and quickly began my vacation by donning a dress and heading to dinner.

Stellar dining. One major item on any checklist that is used by a person searching for a vacation spot involves what that person's dining experience is going to be like. As many people from the United States know, sushi and hibachi restaurants are spreading like wildfire throughout the country. It seems that there has been a great cultural awakening in the last 10 years, and Americans are branching out and seeking new alternatives to traditional dining. Since I had arrived late in the day, my first stop after getting checked into the resort was the Asian themed restaurant at the resort. As you can see below, the hibachi and sushi served at the restaurant were to die for. Other notable dishes I had while at the resort included a wonderful duck dish, a magnificent pea risotto, and a flaming coffee desert drink that you would die for.

Just do it. As mentioned previously, dining is obviously high on the list for many vacationers, but for those that know me, they know that I'm constantly on the go. While I absolutely love laying by the pool, on a beach bed, or knocking back a chocolate martini, I can only do that for so long before I have the itch to leave the resort and go explore. So, one of the trips I took out of the resort were a bus ride to Chichen Itza, which had a stop at a gorgeous cenote where I was able to swim. I've included a picture of the cenote below, it truly was a beautiful site. Chichen Itza was awe inspiring. The ancient Mayans were truly a civilization to marvel at, and while the pyramid at Chichen Itza is certainly nothing to scoff at, it is such a loss to all of us that so much of that civilization was lost over the ages.

Absolutely fantastic. There are no other words to describe my experience while staying in Cancun. I had the opportunity to sail, kayak, snorkel, play both water and beach volleyball, and the best part of it all? I was able to do all these activities wearing my red liquid metal Malibu Strings bikini! You wouldn't believe the attention women who wear these bathing suits receive from other guests at the resort. Sure, a lot of women wear thong bathing suits in Mexico, but a Malibu Strings bikini goes far beyond your typical thong, it's definitely a statement maker about your personality! Speaking of making statements, one of the things I loved about the resort I stayed at in Cancun was the different theme parties the resort holds at the disco each and every night. One particular night while I was staying at Desire, the theme was "wild and wicked." Well, next to my Malibu Strings swimwear, my next favorite article of clothing is my purple latex dress from Vex Clothing, which is what I wore to the disco that night. I don't think wild and wicked night will ever be the seen the same way again at that resort!

Well, that about wraps up my story, well, at least the part of the story I can share with all of you :). Malibu Strings bikinis are all about allowing a woman to wear a bikini which makes them feel confident and sexy…you don't have to travel far to find a place where you can wear a Malibu Strings bikini. Cancun is a short flight from most of the United States, has a number of resorts where the beaches are private to those at the resort, and still allows you to enjoy some incredible history and culture, while at the same time allowing you to let loose and remember why you went on vacation in the first place (when else but during vacation can you lean up against a palm tree in a dress?). Give Cancun a try, but don't forget your Malibu Strings bikini!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jody - Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is located just south of Cancun. It's about a 45 minute ride from the Cancun airport. A very nice, clean small city with lots to do. After traveling all day it was nice to be greeted with a glass of champagne and a cool hand towel upon our arrival and a very speedy check-in. The Royal Hideaway Resort and Spa is a beautiful gated resort. This resort was a perfect setting for the family wedding we were attending.

There are about 200 rooms in this beach side resort, so you really do not feel like just another tourist on vacation. There are about ten or so "villas" each only 2 to 3 stories high. Each "villa" had it's own concierge to assist you with your dinner reservations and all accommodations with your stay. Being an all-inclusive resort, we took advantage of the 24 hr room service. Great food and perfect portions. We didn't get to try out all the restaurants during our short time there. But what we did have was most scrumptious.

The staff couldn't of been more attentive. Before anyone in our group finished a drink, another was arriving as if they could read our minds. Since I am the only one in the group that smokes cigars, I was fortunate enough to have it literally walk by us on the beach. Not many beach vendors, but the ones that are allowed offered very nice goods. I ended up buying a box of 5 Cohiba Cuban cigars. Mmmmm what a treat. Sipping the best Mojito I've had in a long time, smoking a nicely aged Cuban cigar on a beach with white powdery sand and soaking up lots of sunshine wearing one of my favorite suits. Really who could ask for anything more.

I was told that there was a significant amount of damage to the beach due to the hurricanes of last year. They were actually adding sand to the beach while we were there. It really didn't distract from any part of the trip and was actually nice to have the 'sand bags' create little tide pools to dip in. They had water crafts available for any type of water sport and their own lifeguard.

Because we were only there for 3 days, the beach, sun and saltwater was our priority. So having my Malibu Strings suits were definitely being put to good use, I just wish that we had more time there to wear them all. By far, these suits could not be any more comfortable. I truly feel so confident wearing them in and out of the surf. We had fun running around the resort find neat areas to do a 'photo shoot'. The attention these suits get was overwhelming.

I can't thank Malibu Strings enough for being there for me, these suits will always be my travel companion where ever life takes me.


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